Havenholm - A massive castle city that sits atop of the Anders Mountain Range. With only one road up, and its geographical location, this makes it a difficult target for invasion. It is also the oldest known kingdom, and the home of many powerful kings. Havenholm typically stays out of regional conflicts, and is serves as mediator for conflict resolution. Saint Antigone presides over the region and watches over the city, along with the Havenholm army.

The castle has statues of numerous saints from all over the world as a welcoming gesture to travelers. Waterfalls and rock faces are mingled amidst the architecture as well. Baroque style architecture and statues are all around the city.

Naz'ur - An underground city in the forgotten sands desert. The harsh conditions of the desert are kept above the city as this underground Oasis houses lakes, sand-falls, temples, bazaars, statues, bridges, palm trees, homes stacked on one another carved in cliff face, and theaters. The emperor of the Forgotten Sands desert serves his people, but rewards himself with a lavish palace and numerous servants for various needs and desires. The Saint Vithir roams the sands and protects the people of the desert.

Feranthis - A city with no Saint to protect it. Feranthis has been conquered numerous times by different city states. The royal family has stayed in power as a way to keep the locals loyal to the family, and the occupying force. The region is centrally located next to three other city states, making it critical for travel, and vulnerable to multiple invading forces. Feranthis is surrounded by a thick forest of red-leafed trees, shimmering rivers, numerous underground caves used for mining extremely strong “Feranthan Steel” which has a blackish-red hue. Massive wooden gates surround the city, along with indigenous forest creatures.

The king has charged his son with finding relics, weapons, and armor that could kill a Saint. Their goal is to kill all of the saints to level the advantages held by other city states with Saints.

Maylia - A holy city, home of many Saints and relics. Maylia features countless cathedrals, statues, and temples that serve to worship the saints. It was here that the Saints fell from the heavens to guard the planet from any evil, so says the ancient texts. This is where the Saints Guard train, and where dead saints are interred or their relics are housed/hidden. Many travel from all over the world to this holy place to worship and thank the saints.

Urkthill - Highlands protected/governed by a demon. The demon knight killed the Saint that once watched over the highlands. Urkthill is much less modern compared to the other citadels of the world. Stone houses with straw roofs, green rolling hills, massive stone monuments, rain soaked farms, and emerald lakes make up the countryside. Many brutish statues of the Demon Knight dot the countryside, along with the ruins of saint statues. 

The locals have ancient (some would say archaic) languages and religions they are allowed to practice, so long as no one questions the demon or his demands as Demon King. Those loyal to the Demon King are rewarded and those who whisper betrayal are executed and turned into warnings for would be traitors. The people here are strong and hardened by the stormy weather and ruler.

Rottgate - This city state was originally known as Rockgate, but a plague nearly wiped out the entire population, thereby changing its name. This plague was introduced by a rival kingdom. A horse drawn carriage carried a statue of Death, and plagued corpses were piled at the base of the statue. As the carriage travelled through the city, the plague spread, infecting everyone. One of the few survivors was the Barron, who managed to find a healing relic before the plague could completely take him.

Rottgate was once a prosperous medieval city with wood and stone buildings lining crowded city streets, waterway canals, and rivers through the town. It is unclear who sent the plague.
Since the plague, corpses line the streets, buildings are in disrepair, and rats have populated many of the empty homes.
The Saint Murial was unable to save any people within the city he protected. Shamed, he exiled himself to the Gulthaen mountains.

Bloodwood Forest – This forest has Bloodwood trees, known for their massive trunks and high reaching branches. The bloodwoods take 4 men about 6 days to cut them down. These trees are turned into fortresses, boats, weapons, and buildings… if you can cut them down. This forest is infested with recent invaders known as Dead Gods, from the Gulthaen mountains. Rangers and mercenaries are usually the only humans that occupy these forests as the living conditions are harsh and unforgiving due to cold weather and feral wildlife.

Gulthaen Mountains - Mountain ranges covered in snow, black rocks, and (sometimes frozen) water falls. Trees are densely populated amongst the lower parts of the mountain ranges, but as the mountains go higher, the trees can’t survive the temperature and infertile ground. Ruined fortresses dot the mountainside. A once powerful nation ruled the mountains and the natural resources within them. The smashed fortresses, gates, and statues are covered in snow. There are black caves that run like veins through the mountains, with crystal clear waterfalls that flow like the blood through those veins.

Corsul – A city of the dead, made up almost entirely of tombs, graveyards, catacombs, cathedrals, mausoleums, and reliquaries. All countries bury their dead here as a sign of unification through grief. “We will all die, and rest eternally together.” The Grave Keepers watch over Corsul to not only bury the dead, but guard against robbers, the undead, and Dead Gods. The Saint of the Dead and her followers also reside among the cemetery city of Corsul. Massive Iron gates and mourning saints carved from stone surround the city.

Cutthroat Fort – A fortress built from Bloodwood trees in a gorge east of Bloodwood Forest in the Grizzled Peaks. This massive fort is in a difficult position to attack as it is lodged in between grey mountains, with no real way to access it but by climbing. Gruffjaw built this fort as a place for mercs to stay safe from any trouble they may be in, but it comes with a price… allegiance to Gruffjaw and money. If you don’t have the money, you pay it within 30 days or your life is forfeit, and his men take you back to Cutthroat Fort, and… well… Cutthroat isn’t just a clever name. It’s outfitted with guard towers made of wood and stone, Gruffjaw banners fly in the wind there. A massive portcullis and drawbridge are the only way in. Mercs use a pulley system and less than safe elevators to get to the fort.

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